How far will this journey take me?

So, I got a journey a little while ago, and I have learned a fair number of tricks.
I’m all the way through the beginner and intermediate tricks and I have learned a couple of the advanced ones, even suicide.

But, even with the gap adjusted all the way out, the yo-yo is still a little responsive.
And I have not bothered much with binding, because I don’t have to, so I am not even sure that I want to sili it or anything to make it unresponsive.

My questions is, how far into the advanced tricks can I go with this yo-yo, before I really have to have an unresponsive one?

technichally you could probably finish the tricklist with the journey. It would be very difficult. You could probably finish expert 1 (if you avoid lacerations and hooks and other tricks you cant do with responsive)

Journey wasn’t a bad choice for begining

You can go really far if you practice enough. Even tricks like lacerations can be done on a responsive yo-yo, it’s just harder.

Silicone won’t make it less responsive. Cleaning the bearing will.

And yeah…you can do pretty much any trick with a responsive yoyo. It’s more a matter of preference and skill than anything.

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It will take you as far as you want to go.
You can make it as unresponsive as you can handle.

Thanks. I guess I can do more than I thought.

i have landed brent stole and hook with my fixed axle looper before. so it is not impossible to land whippy tricks :wink:

it will take you to the ends of the earth.