YoYo Jam Legacy

The summary of this yo yo in the store says it is very unresponsive, and that it is modeled after the dark magic. How unresponsive is it, and can a beginner to intermediate player use it?

Its very unresponsive and as long as you know how to bind you should be able to use it effectively.

i doubt a beginner can play with it. An intermediate player might as long as he can bind pretty good. I suggest for a beginner a yoyojam journey or a Duncan mosquito if you are going on the cheep side. later.

how responsive is it compared to the dark magic

um…not, lol. As it said, it comes unresponsive

if you loosen the dm’s gap pretty much all the way, thats pretty much a legacy

its a solid yo
i bought after yoing for a couple of months but i had been practicing binds on my kickside so it was easy to bind for me
mines was dead unresponsive out of the box but plays oh so well
if you can bind and you wand a yo that can spin for a while get it

I’m intermediate, and it took 4-5 bind attempts to get it to return when I first got it. Now my binding has improved like 285%, so it only takes me 1-2 bind attempts :wink: I think it’s great for intermediate level because the silicone is receeded so the string doesn’t touch it. A lot of problems I had with tricks were me mashing the string against the o-rings and killing the spin. Some tricks became dead-simple when I got the Legacy. Love the shape and weight too. It’s a great inexpensive yo-yo. Plays better than my Speeder and X-ConVict (but not my BvM).