how far will this journey take me?

i just got a journey today. i needed something better than what i had and the reviews and the price of journey were just about right. now i’m wondering… how far will it take me?

well they can take you to the advanced section and maybe expert section but it would help to upgrade to a better one after that

I guess you can do most tricks on it but it will become harder and harder as you progress. I suggest you start collecting money from now on so you have enough money to buy a better yoyo when the time arrives. I guess that you are the starting to learn string tricks Then it will take you about 2-3 months to get to that level when you will be in desperate need of a new yoyo.

thanks for advice guys. i think it may take me more than just a few months though. this weekend i’ve thrown till i’m literally sore and all ive been working on is a strong straight sleeper and trapeze. i figure i’m not really in any position to move on until i have those down. i’ve mastered the beginner’s section and can perform a few string tricks but i want to master some fundamental mechanics to avoid some of the frustration in the more complicated tricks.

Great job doing that, it will help a lot when you get better. :wink:

Some of my favorite players just rock it out on a $15 dollar yo-yo.

if you let it, it’ll take you to the end of the journey… which, wonderfully enough, doesn’t have an end.