Where Do I Go From Here :'(

Ok so in a couple a days I will have been yoyoing for about 10 months , iv done everything on YYE and I’ve searched for as many tricks on the internet

and I know your gunna say some thing like watch demos and see tricks you like and I do do that but I was just looking for some help from you guys

Please post any tutorial ( by any I mean like hard tricks not easy ones ) or a demo with a trick you like cuz I realy have no idea where to go from here

thanks to everyone on the yye forum for helping me grow for my journey so far through the world of yoyos

thanks to every1 in advance


go to tuts on yoyoskills.com :wink:

Thanks by I’ve already seen alot from their and I was actually looking for a direct post of a video her on the forum

Make up stuff?

Make up some sweet looking combo’s or even start making up moves and tricks, try putting little tweeks on tricks you have down to make them more your own tricks.

Start playing some new styles. 5A is really fun and 4A is interesting because it is totally different.

do make my own tricks and I do a little 5a and I’m pretty good at 4a

So then this thread isn’t needed?

Go to a meet. Enter a contest.
See other people, watch their trick, ask them to teach you, let them be you inspiration, and made up your own.

But seriously, gather with other thrower works well for me.

Try this site: http://www.grawrd.com/tricks.html


Check my youtube page, it has a couple of tricks I’ve made up.