Having trouble progressing :-(

Hello, I’m having trouble progressing with my yo yoing online tutorials are hard for me to get really if I could just grasp the concept of my mounts and an how to work the strings, seems like I throw all day and never progress it gets so discouraging, I’m not ashamed to ask for help that’s why I’m posting this, thanks in advance for any tips that you all might have

Practice. What exact tutorials and stuff are you having issues with?

Practice practice practice. Sometimes when I’m having trouble on a specific trick I have success watching more than 1 video. Sometimes they key me in on the thing I was missing the first time

Well when I’m trying to trow double or nothing but hit top string and bounce on the the bottem to get into that mount I always miss top string, I just can’t grasp concept of combining to get into string tricks, really can’t describe well sorry

Just practice. Look at different tutorials. I recommend RethinkYoyo in addition to this site.

Do what I do:

1: Find other tutorials. Another angle or explanation may help.
2: Walk away for a bit.
3: Push through it.

I’ve never done this but just thought of it. If you have another person who’d be willing to help you, they could hold the yo-yo while you mime playing through the trick in slow motion. Might help you get a feel for the string combinations. You can also sort of do this yourself with a none spinning yo-yo, although it might not be as helpful. It is helpful with a few tricks though.

Just practice, take things slow. I’m still working on the 5A trapeze. It’s getting there very slowly, but I’m certainly getting gradually better at it.

Thanks for all the advice y’all I will def try and look into y’all’s suggestions, wish I had more people that yoyo where I live, unfortunate I dont

I know you had some suggestions already but this might help it helped me a lot

Its a bit long but its worth it, it was made by aznnboyaZ And i feel you i live in ny and the part i live in has no yoyoers for 100 miles it sucks

In. spir. ation… How have i never seen that before? Opens so many dooors!

i know right will is a awesome guy and whenever im out of ideas i just watch this and somehow i come up with a new trick

Don’t approach yoyoing as something you must master at a scheduled pace- or even master at all. it will become a chore. If you can’t replicate what is performed in a video don’t get frustrated. Just yoyo for the pure pleasure of it. Keep doing what is easy for you and what you enjoy. The mechanics of repetitive movements will ignite muscle memory and evenentually your mind and hands will begin to wander into new territory naturally- like the improvisation a concert pianist incorporates into a musical score.
The day yoyoing becomes a chore and/or obligation, is the day you need to step away from the activity for a while.
Have fun:)

Just for the record: it took me 2 years to land a spirit bomb.

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Words of wisdom. I think that thats what happened with my crochet phase. I got pretty good and fast but i started yelling at myself to “finish it faster” and eventually just stopped.

Question = “How do I get good at [insert practically anything here]?”

Answer = “Practice.”


I’ve made my wife do this for me many times. Seems to help me at least

Guess I should say its alot of my string motion and how I get in to and where I got on string hard to see online

I used to have the same problem with the cabin tutorials, specifically the Yuuki concepts one and other stuff that had to do with Yuuki, but I found somebody who already knew those and had them show me. I think people do better when they have interactions with people instead of trying to learn from a computer screen.

Check out Miguel Correa’s tutorials. They’re the best quality out there.

If you can already do everything on there start messing around with concepts and putting tricks together. It’s where the learning process stops and where the creative process begins! Just keep having fun, and don’t stress. You’re playing with a toy after all! :wink:

having trouble advanced part 1 boing e boing down all the way thro leg wrap

I’m not much further along than you, but I have jumped around a lot.

A ton of people have problems with boing e boing. It will just kinda click eventually (it still isn’t great for me, but like between throws it suddenly got tons better)