Yoyoing can be frustrating

I’ve been yoyoing for about a month and a week now and I am getting into the advanced section of the Yoyoexpert/Andre’s videos and I am finding most of the tricks very frustrating >:(. Have you guys ever been frustrated? Do you have any tips to help me?

Yoyoing gets Fusterating all the time when your learning. Just dont give up. Every single Person gets fusterated with yoyos when their first starting. Just Keep on Practicing, and Never Give up! :wink:

like CodyJam said, never give up. but if i ever get frustrated i sometimes switch styles, i usually throw 1A, but it helps to change it up a bit like 4A or 5A. then if i get tired of those, i always have 1A to fall back on again.

If you’re frustrated that means you’re not having fun…
Just play without practicing…
Do the tricks that you have learn…
Take some time to enjoy yoyoing…
Then go back to practice the trick…

Yoyoing is about having fun…

relax and do it later

try to have more fun and relax when you are tired. always works.

I’ve had the same problem just get away from andre’s tutorial learn tricks different ways. Go on youtube and look at beginner videos and after every trick pause and keep looking at it until you learn it, then move on to the next trick. Its way more fun that way.

for me half the fun is learning new tricks, so when I am stuck on one trick, I’ll look for another, for example I was trying slack tricks and it just didn’t work out so I just randomly picked one of André’s advanced 1 tutorials that was not slack and so I started to learn the Zipper and it was really easy and it’s a fun trick and I have proven myself that I can still learn tricks and I’ll try on the slack stuff later

I used to get really frustrated when I first started yoyoing. Then I kept calm, watched the video a couple of time, took a deep breath, and went on to the trick, and finally could do it. Just take it one step at a time.

If you think the advanced tutorials are fustrating, wait until you get to the Master tutorials.
I’m going insane trying to learn the pop of and whut.

The master tricks aren’t that hard as people make them.

Well in almost all of the master tricks there is an element that makes it harder than most tricks. (in and whut, everything is easy except for the pop, and I’m guessing it’s like boing-boing, once you get it, it’s easy.

One of the masters talks about a state of Yo. I believe that the joy comes not from thinking of the learning as a race to get to the end. But, as a journey to enjoy along the way. Enjoy that you can do something that 99% cannot do while learning what you still cannot.

If you’ve hit a wall just play with your current yoyo moves vocabulary. You can probably do a few mounts already, swap between front and back mounts, ferris wheel and whatnot. Mix them up a bit.

I have a lot of fun just transitioning between the simple moves that I already know. It improves smoothness and confidence, and doesn’t have that frustration of trying to nail “that one trick” from a video. I find that when I do nail that trick, it’s almost by mistake, because I’ve become familiar and smooth with the components. It happens without thinking too much about it. :wink:

just take a break for 20 minutes then come back relaxed, you will get it :wink:

To reiterate what everyone else has said… ;D
Being ancient, I learned a long time ago fun doesn’t come out of trying to ‘Keep up with the Jones’.
But just out of doing things at your own pace and for your own entertainment.

There’s no race man, just take your time.

Split bottom mount was the most fustrating trick of all time for me untill I came back to it two weeks after learning other mounts.

Well every thing in life needs time, if u don’t hit a trick leave it, try learning something else or just do what u already know :wink: you will hit it eventually.

And to me i don’t know if most of u think, but yoyoing is very relaxing :stuck_out_tongue: