do or did you guys get frustrated while trying to lern a new trick?
whenever i am trying to learn a harder one and i keep messing up i get pretty frustrated, but once i have learned it the frustration melts away.
is this just me…and if you do what do you do to help with your frustration?

I always get frustrated…

I go on Youtube and just watch some random videos… or look at Lolcats :stuck_out_tongue:

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I always have fun when learning/making up a new trick :slight_smile:

Same. :wink:


I get frustrated some times, but I just take a break because I shouldn’t be getting frustrated if I’m doing something for fun.

Haha. Let’s just say you don’t wanna be around me when I get stuck on a trick. ;D

Getting frustrated on a trick is something every yoyoer is gonna have to deal with.

Just don’t let yourself get too upset about a trick!

If you totally cant get some part of a trick, and its making you get upset the more you try, stop and teak a break.

The truth is, its harder to do things when you are frustrated.

The body gets tense, your heart starts beating faster, you actually find yourself not enjoying learning the trick.
And if you are not careful, you might get a bit too mad and break something. :frowning: (Believe me, I have heard of some yoyoers getting downright mad and destroying their yoyo, only to regret it very much later).

Pace yourself, take the trick seriously, but not TOO seriously.

Keep it fun!


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I find the most helpful thing when I am having trouble learning a trick is taking a break. Sometimes, without any rational explanation, things work out a lot better when you come back from a break.

A non-yo-yo-related scenario:
I was stuck on a boss in Kingdom Hearts a few years ago. For like two weeks, I could not beat this boss. I got so frustrated, I stopped playing for about a month. When I came back, I beat him on the first try. For some reason, taking a break just helps.


I get that ALOT. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get frustrated when I can’t figure out problems, like why my yoyo won’t stop snagging or why I can’t seem to get my throw harder. But when it comes to learning tricks I enjoy new things so I don’t get frustrated to much

When I’m learning a new trick, I don’t get frustrated very often. Rather, I get more determined to land the trick the more I miss. But when I do get frustrated, taking a break helps a lot. It gets you calm and clears your head of those bad vibes.

Like right now, I’m taking a break from trying to do boingy boing. :slight_smile:

Ah yes… Boingy Boing… the bane of my frontstyle existence