How exciting... a New yoyo from another store>

Since Andre and I have been very good friends since he was a kid. I most often respect his desire to not use his Yoyo Forum as a Free Billboard to advertise for other stores.

I call Andre my favorite nephew… And he calls me Uncle Mo.

But! This is an Exception. This is BIG NEWS! This is the kinda news that usually only appears in Dreams. And when you wake up, it Never happened. And turns out to be the saddest day of your life.

This is, indeed, the Grail you have ‘all’ been waiting for. This is the yoyo that will help you keep your promise to yourself to die completely broke and save so much money you would have wasted on drawing up a will anyways.

…Since I am compelled to tell the truth. I have to interrupt myself and come clean about this…

I don’t know how many are gonna be up for sale? But my ulterior motive in announcing this, is to inspire several of you players to step up and buy a few of these. So they will sell out before I end up buying them all myself. You guys can save me a bundle by spreading the Love.

Now that, that is all cleared up. Let’s get to the yoyo🤓

It’s the Newest yoyo by Something. It’s a Titanium yoyo with stainless steel rings. It’s ano’d black and boyyyyyy it looks just like a yoyo.

It’s called the Anglam Apogee Beau Noir.

And it is only $999.99!

You read that right!

A whole lotta yoyo for waaaay under $1000.00🙀

Yum yum… I can see the Sparks like I already have one.:thinking:

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Andre no doubt with text me when he sees this. For directing so much business away from his site.

But I just could not keep a secret of this magnitude to myself.

I can already see myself blazing away doing All my tricks in style in a row on one throw.

Yep, all 8 of my tricks…


Too much pay to win here. Easy $999.99 to be the next world champion.

Doing a routine in just a total of two throws? Automatic 1st place at any competition.

Who do they think they are?

You must have to have a VERY high opinion of yourself as a company to release a yoyo at that price and with a name like that??
I thought ‘Almighty’ and ‘Diamond Virgin’ were arrogant sounding names…

Nothing like a bit of French to really make something sound posh. With this yoyo you can really look down from your nose at people.


This is… Wow… A real rollercoaster of a post, I had no idea where it was going.

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Actually let me clear up a few things>

First off… I have no doubt that Mickeys’ new yoyo is a top shelf playing yoyo. I have Something yoyos all the way back to the original Anglam and up to the Titanium Zero.

But the $1000 price tag just seems like such a chunk a change. I decided to have a little fun with it.

I know only a certain type of individual is going to BOUNCE that high for a yo-yo. And it makes absolutely no difference to ‘that person’ what I say.

A second matter is the name Diamond Virgin. Kentaro was inspired by my signature Mini Motu from years ago, to make an updated and superior yoyo based on the Motu.
The name he decided to use was simply the name of the song used by a top level player that used the yo-yo in a Contest. < No snooty intentions at all.

My somewhat abstract sense of humor is not always understood or appreciated which comes with the territory of anybody that loves to joke around.

Thanks to those that enjoy my silliness.

I make no attempt to change those that don’t.



All I want to know is how long the average sleeper is on this beast. 10 mins? 15 mins? 30 mins?!

Well, this is a chonky chonk of money for one yoyo. Yes, it is made of Ti with presicion stainless rings on it, but still… It is worth like nine aluminium or three titanium yoyos with added assorted stuff on top of them.

I can afford one of these, but i would rather go for 9 Al or 3 Ti ones. Or rather go and buy something else, like some tools, or new fancy TV, or another set of cool rims for my car.


props to Mr Boulay.

On Sale - It’s listed at his store for only $970 now. :flushed:

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Maybe someone can grab one and do the “Pay it Forward” deal like @dizzo did with the Silenus.


I say we get 970 people to chip in $1


There’s a lot more to winning a competition than your equipment. The description says that it was used by Hiroyuki Suzuki at the Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2019, and he placed 14th.

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Yea I know. I’m just being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like 80% skill and 20% yoyo or something. Probably an even higher skill percentage.


It’s sold out now… didn’t think there was such high demand for Something much less a $970 Something.