how does samad do this trick

#1 How does Samad do the trick at 0:31 where he pops the yoyo up and in between his thumb and pointer finger (not chopsticks!)  ;D


ask Samad to make a tutorial for it.


Hes a ninja…

er, uh

Its actually another chopsticks mount. Do you want a tut on the whole trick, or just the mount?


just the mount please! ;D

(Connor) #5

Where do you learn all these cool tricks anyway?
I mean I know some of them are made up by you but still…theres gotta be something your not telling us…

PS: Just tell me in a PM, forget all the other guys,lol :wink:


I’m going to take a guess.

Some experience mixed with devotion and determination and some other stuff. Oh, and time.


Oh that’s easy for me! Just use your right thumb to go under the string and let the yoyo land on the string between your index finger and your thumb.

Happy Throwing! =]


Actually, you got the first part wrong.

Do a Magic Drop mount, but put the loop thats around your pointer finger around your hand, then land on the string.