How does he do this...

Hello all. Today I saw it when Andre Boulay did that McBride Roller Coaster trick. And I was wondering how he did the “1 1/2 mount”. Where he stops in the middle of the double or nothing, and does that mount? I do not understand how he did that. AND ALSO! I thought that the split bottom mount was the “1 1/2 mount”. Please tell me. I am confused. And if somebody can possibly send me a link to a video that teaches me how to do that MOUNT (not the full roller coaster trick), it would be fantastic! Thanks!

Maybe this video can help you. Basically, you just let it loop once around your throwhand index finger, and instead of progressing to a double or nothing, you swing the yoyo upwards and let it catch on the above string. The split bottom mount would be something like a frontstyle reverse trapeze if I recall correctly. Hope I helped.

The split bottom mount is the front style 1.5 mount. Pull your top hand back while in a split bottom mount and it will look like a 1.5. As for 1.5, just google for a tutorial.

Thanks! I get how it’s done now, but now I don’t understand how he gets it so it hits the first (upper) string, and not the bottom one. how does the bottom one not get in his way when doing it? Is it just that I have to throw it so it goes straight or what? Because the upper string does not stick out more than the one on the bottom.

A couple of things Foofy. How well can you successfully land a double or nothing only on the outside string? It sounds like you may be struggling with getting your string to progressively move away from you as the throw is coming around each time. If you find your double or nothing wants to land on two strings instead of just the one farthest to the outside I would recommend practicing making sure the string is clearly a little farther out on each loop. Until you have that down cleanly double or nothing as well as the 1 1/2 mount will continue to be frustrating. One other tip, I have found it a bit easier to land the 1 1/2 if I have my NTH just a little higher than my throw hand as the yo-yo comes around. I don’t know why, it just seems to have less of a tendency to hit the top string like a piano wire and bounce down to the other string. I could be all wet on this one though, just something to try that seems to help me a bit.

Above all, don’t get discouraged, landing these different mounts is a lot tricker than André makes it appear in his tutorials. :wink:

Thanks for the help Banjo. I do not understand how you get the yoyo on the bottom of the top string because the bottom string is in front of it? I just did it for real, but by accident. >:( And also, when I “manually” do the trick, it gets into what seems like a double or nothing, except slightly different. I know that I am doing it wrong, but what does it mean though? Thanks.

glad to see you’re back. I thought you stopped cuz your dmII hit you in the face. :stuck_out_tongue: Lol I assume it didn’t? Well I think it might be a little bit easier for us to help you if you posted a video. :wink: from what I can comprehend, it might be easier to do a split bottom mount and turn your body and move your non throw hand down to be level with your throw hand and you will be in a 1.5 side mount. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hey hobbies! Yeah, I have taken about a half a month nice little break, thats all. Haha! Well that was part of why I quit, because of that little “me getting hit” phobia, but not all of it. Anyways, yeah ill post a video tomorrow, and then just take it from there.

The Split-Bottom Mount is basically the 1 1/2 Mount for the Front Mount (you will hear it called both things, just make sure you see which one is done). The other is the 1 1/2 Side Mount. The name explains that.

Do you mean the part where Andre just drops the string on his TH Pointer? If so, that’s what you do. :slight_smile: Just watch the video and listen closely to what he says. You’ll get it. :wink: