1 and a half mount/split bottom mount

Hey, so just a quick question here, but every time i try to go into a 1/1/2 mount, the yoyo bounces right off the string and goes straight down.

I’ve tried giving it some slack and can seem to get that to work, but not in one fluid motion…

is there anything i should try that can help make this mount easier to get into in one fluid motion?

(what i currently do to get into it is just throw a breakaway/start of double or nothing, and let it hang off my TH index. Then i swing it over afterwards. I can’t do it all in one fluid motion yet.

Thanks for any help.

It took me a while to master double or nothing, but now i can do it every time 100% so i’m sure it’ll be the same with mostly every new mount that i learn, i appreciate the help!

Which one are you asking about? A 1.5 mount is a sidestyle mount. A split bottom is a frontstyle mount.

I’ve never heard of a “1.5 split bottom”, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just thought it was worth double-checking…If you’re trying to add an extra loop to a 1.5 mount, you might just be causing a bind…?

sorry, i derped… i meant 1.5…

was watching figure 8 video from other thread and got split bottom stuck in my head some how…

1 and a half mount is all i meant lol…


Man, the 1.5 mount is HAAAAaaarrrrd when you’re first learning it. Good luck!!

The only thing that helped with me was confidence and practice. Don’t be afraid to come in quickly… with enough practice you’ll start hitting the string on the way up instead of missing it. :wink: With enough momentum, it’s easier to guage how much slack to give it in order to let it loop around.

It’s not easy. Confidence and practice… that’s all I got for ya. :wink:

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I could not get it at first but after many long hours, I finally got it. Good luck:)

thanks, Greg. i’ll let you guys know when i can get it!

right now, i’ve finished magic drop, the first half of yuuki slack, and a few others that i’m currently working on…

i feel like there’s no ‘right trick’ to learn first, as i’ve learned some “master” ones already, but some “intermediate” ones (such as 1.5 mount) still surpass my skill for some reason.


thanks for the help :slight_smile:

(i know it’s two posts in a row but…)

I finally got the 1.5 mount after 5 minutes of actually trying to figure it out… i can get it 95% of the time now, and buddah’s revenge 100% of the time now…

funny how the things you have the most trouble with just click at random times… oh whale

I wish I could stop going in 1.5 mount. I constantly go into it off break-away. You could say it’s my favorite mount. Hehe.

Get ready bro. That’s yoyo’ing in a nut shell

If your going from a double or nothing you can underpass the Yoyo with your throw hand and it will put you in a 1.5 mount