Is this trick possible? How would you do it?


Hey guys, Got a question. I want to try to go from a double or nothing directly into a split bottom mount. Is there anyway to do this while still in the double or nothing? I think I have it down visually but I’m not sure if it will work. Wanted to see if anyone else has done this.

This is without dismounting completely out of double or nothing if that makes sense.

(Big Mike) #2

If I understand what you’re saying, it shouldn’t be too hard if you just hit the top string of the double or nothing from the bottom, then tilt your body a bit so be in frontstyle.


essentially, a split bottom mount and a 1.5 mount are the same, you might have to re adjust a finger, but its not too hard to do… or if you would rather face the other way, you can use a trapeze and his brother


it is indeed possible, happened to do it today just fooling around

just do the very first step of “cold fusion” then drop the string segment that is on the tip of your non throw hand pointer, then you’ll be in the 1&1/2 mount which is the sidestyle version of split bottom mount.

now if you want to go into what is basically a “brother” only with your throw hand pointer pointing at your body, which looks more like a split bottom mount done sideways (but with the yoyo actually spinning the other way around) it’s also possible, from the double or nothing, pop out the yoyo counter clockwise (from your own point of view) then put it in an under trapeze around your middle finger. drop the string from your non throw hand pointer and then underpass the yoyo with your throwhand pointer pointing towards you and voilà!

there are other ways, obviously


I was about to post what Hadoq said lol


Ya i think its possible