How does a wider gap width affect play?

I currently use a grasshopper 2.0 and have some extra thick string on it, the gap width is 4.5mm and I find that it snags quite easily.

I’m considering getting a hinemosu which has a gap width of 4.89mm.

Does this mean it won’t snag as easily?


generally speakng, wider gaps snag less. they also have less tight binds unless using thicker strings, so there is always a little trade off.

with a little more detail, gap width certainly affects play and snagging, but there are other factors. the pads could be sticking out is one major, and easy one. but things like gap width, shape of the yoyo around the response section, the type of silicone used in the pads, whether the pads are recessed or flush, the type of bearing used, string thickness, string material, string tension and more all affect what whether a yoyo will snag.


backing this up, there are so many factors to what causes snag, changing any of them or reducing as many variables as possible (having the same pads/string for every yoyo) can help though


I would try thinner string maybe. That’s what I do at least. Sometimes when I put fresh silicone on certain yoyos I’ll use the iyoyo slackies thin version at first, they work well when something is feeling a little snaggy. Like everyone said there’s a bunch of variables. I think changing the string is the easiest way to fix it.


Do you recommend any pads to reduce snagging?

I didn’t realise pads made a difference

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there are a few pads that I could recommend, but harder rubber is generally less responsive, softer rubber is generally more responsive. duncan uses pretty soft pads, which i personally love.

hkmt has some dark colored, and purposefully hard response pads that yye has at the store here. there are two types, and one is in stock currently.

but i’d really recommend looking into permatex ultra-grey for snag free response, theres a whole thread here devoted to its awesomeness.


Gonna second the ultra grey recommendation, it basically never snags. Maybe not “never” but I put that stuff on everything and it’s very non-snaggy. Great response :+1::+1:


I will second the string change. Something thinner might play a whole lot better for you… and yes, pads are also very important. If you do change them, make sure to clean up the area pretty good. You can use acetone or alcohol.

That said, I think it’s time for me to try this Ultra Grey!