Best pads for thick string?

Currently own a grasshopper 2.0 and have some pretty thick string on it.

My only issue is I find it snags quite easily while playing with thicker string.

I’ve heard online that pads really affect how a yo-yo performs.

What are your favourite pads for making a yo-yo really unresponsive?

Silicone with permatex ultragrey and recess it

I have the same issue with mine.

When it launched, YYE had the gap with listed at 4.0, and later changed it to 4.5.

Duncan still lists the gap with at 4.0, which I think is the correct size.

Personally I never have an issue snagging with any modern yoyos from like 2012 and on. I also silicone recess all of my yoyos, so gap widths have never been an issue at all.

It’s the first yoyo I’ve bought that I’ve actively had snagging issues. I didn’t think much of it cause I figured I could silicone recess and it would fix the issue. However, after a recess, I still snagged, and was forced to use Normal string which I only use for my FH1’s, Renegades, or YYJams.

No pads will help you, because 19mm “standard slim” are all gonna be the same size in thickness, the hardness isn’t going to help when the gap with is that tight. Silicone recess is the only way to open up the gap.

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