how to make wide gap yoyo more responsive?

so i’ve got a magic n5 desperado, which is a good yoyo. only problem is that the gap is so wide that it’s dang near impossible to bind. any help?

Well, you could find a narrower bearing to replace whatever came stock. Many people have done that with the HSPIN Lily. Worked wonders for that yoyo. Or you could lube the bearing a bit. That always makes things a bit more responsive.

You might also try using a wider (Fatter) string.
Maybe the Toxic Thick Metz, or the Kitty Fats.

magicyoyo pads are not very good as well

May want to try a different response if you haven’t already

All good advice. I’d recommend replacing pads and if that doesn’t work then thicker string and if that doesn’t work maybe u just can’t bind well lol

ya i’ve been using fat strings. what response pads would be grippier and fit the groove that you guys know of? i’ll replace the pads if i know what to look for…

you could just use flowable silicone, will fit any gap (deep enough)

ya i’ve heard the words flowbale silicone alot now. still not really sure what it is but i’ll look into it i guess.

You just pour into the recess, scrap off excess with a credit card or spoon and let sit for 24 hours. cheap effective response that a lot of people like.