How do you think OD can make their throws better?


Make them bigger?lighter? Or are they just perfect! Let me know!


Each one is perfect in its own way


I think what they make up for in the lack of models is the attention to detail and quality. One Drop isn’t the only company to do this. CLYW, with the exception of the Peak(due to inconsistencies), is the same way. I also think many of the high end Japanese companies have a similar mindset: quality and attention to detail over pumping out massive numbers.

Even with the small product line, One Drop has good variety.


You make it sounds like OD only has 3 or 4 models :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s the:
Cafe Racer
Project 1
Project 2

But OneDrop is doing fine. They don’t need to improve anything.


You’re right. My post does sort of imply a very small number of models.

At the moment, One Drop has 15 different models.

CLYW, if we take into consideration the Bassalope being 2 versions(large and small bearing), has 15 models as well. This disregards collaboration products.

If we compare this to companies like YYJ, Duncan, YYF and a few others with larger numbers of models available, that’s what I was referring to. Also, I’ve been compiling that database of specs, and I’ve been noticing many of the high end Japanese companies don’t even offer 15 different models.

Keeping variety under control lets a company focus on end results easier. That’s why the One Drop products are so amazing.

About the only thing I’d change are to increase the quantities of side effects, bring back the spinning ones and stunt peg ones and I think a lot of people would be quite happy. I’d like to stock up on side effects for some variety.


I vote they keep doing what they’re doing. When I pick up an OD yoyo I know before I get it that all the testing and preparations were done properly and that the yoyo will perform well. I have my favorites but all of the ODs I’ve used have performed well.


Yes,your right


We are working to improve the Side Effect availibility.  We are going to purchase a new machine that will be dedicated to making Side Effects.

I made a video yesterday giving a tour of our yoyo factory and showing the new space we just acquired where the new machine is going to go.  It’s a slow and expensive process but we are working on it.


Woohoo! It’ll be worth the wait!