How do you take the caps off of a dark magic

DONT no how :’(

If you get a suction cup, you can stick it on the side cap, and just pull it straight out, but if the cap did not come off, just try it again, you should be able to get it off.
I hope this helps.

ok first, suction cup always works. secondly, and this is what i did, put a strip of duct tape on the cap and pull sideways so the tape won’t unstick…POP! no more caps!!!

Hehehe. SMASH THE SIDECAP! Of course this means no more sidecap so I wouldn’t reccomand it. Also i wouldn’t use ducttape if your can get away with masking tape. You can ruin the art on the cap if you use the ducttape. And YES it’s spelled Ducttape not ducktape. People always pronounce it wrong. Good job soccer dude.
Mine just sorta fell out so no problem. lol

thanks flamer

Uhhhh… :-
The orginal name of the card my avartar is of is Prodical Pyromancer if ya must know.

is that magic or yu-gi-oh…?

Sorry man, but it actually is Duck tape. The word takes its origins from the scandinavian word, Doeck, which means waterproof. Just like a ducks plumage. Which also brings us to the fact that soldiers in WWII called this cotton tape “duck tape” due to the fact that it is waterproof. Also, current building codes in some states including California ban the use of “duct” tape in ducts because it becomes brittle and may fail.

Just thought id share that with y’all. Interesting little tidbit of info innit?

??? ;D ;Dusually a suction cup works. but i was doing off string and it just kinda fell out so… yeah.
i hope this helps.

What! I would never put a cheesy japanese yu-gi-oh card as my avavtar. It’s magic dude. Don’t even put the name of yu-gi-oh next to it.

I tap Prodigal Pyromancer and you take 1 damage. :slight_smile:

Oh how I love burn decks.

Ha, Doesn’t matter how much you love them because I love them more.

Dictionary PWNAGE

what you do is get a suction cup and attach it to the cap of the DM.
Then you waste an hour or two desperately trying to get it off until, in your frustration, you get a knife and poke a hole in it…