How do you store your extra string?


I recently purchased a small fortune in string to have on hand, and I have no clue of a good way to store it all. I have them separated by color in plastic bags but that’s about all I can think of. Do you have any suggestion, better ways, or better looking ways to store all your sting?


stings risk nothing… just get them in plastic bags that fit them nicely and store them tight in your yoyo suitcase or … your fridge lol eat them for breakfeast ;D


In a scarf around a shelf leg.


I keep mine in zip lock bags sorted by colour and type.



Well I put mine either under the caps of my DM2 or, in my closet over a bar so they don’t get tangled.


I use a fossil watch box that’s made out of metal and they come in a bunch on cool colors and such look them up and you can find then on eBay for like a dollar


I just put mine in a crayon/pencil box assorted by colors, about 75 strings in there :slight_smile:

A large ziplock bag would do fine as well