How Do You Sort Your Yoyos?

On shelves Collection of 35 old 2008 to new 2021+ date received.
Working throws and nice doubles in size large in back small in front
Rando’s, b-grades and plastics on a cabinet within reach.
Small throws on a bock with the tops

I throw them all at least once a week


Funny we posted about the same time

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I forgot about these in the EDC bag.


Older Steve Brown counterweight


I keep bimetals and hybrids together, have a shelf for my pure organics, and a shelf for my other yoyos that don’t particularly fit these 2 categories


Mine are mainly sorted by brand. Circle City Yoyos across the top, in order of release date, next row is @TSAF @ThatFlippinGuy and a couple one-off favorites to fill space (@hobbygod Assassin, Freshly Dirty Moldy Bread, YoyoFreaks Pound), third row is mainly Rain City Skills in order of when I got them, then it starts to falk apart. Fourth row has my only MFD next to my @jeduardo Basilisk since they’re pretty similar shaped, then it’s just a hodgepodge of Duncan, YYF, Topyo, basically just whatever I could fit on the shelf lol. Don’t say “you could move the TMNT to make more room” THE TURTLES AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE :joy:


Screenshot 2021-07-23 12.27.56 PM
I LOVE the fingerboard!


Haha thanks, somebody asked me to make them a custom paracord carabiner clip thing to hold their fingerboard, and I bought that to test the sizing. I’ve played with it a bit, I’d like to get more into it, just got other priorities. Looks good on the shelf though!

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