How do you organize your yoyos?

  • By material
  • By color
  • By brand
  • By preference over other yos
  • Meh whatever
  • Other

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Just curious. I do it by which yos i like most


My yoyos are currently in a box in a closet lossely tossed in there. eventually ill get better storage but the meh whatever approach seems to be my cup of tea. I just grab a yoyo or two and play.


I have everything out on display in my office. I have my four splash/acid anodized One Drops together on top of a small bookshelf, then I keep the rest in various places around my desk grouped by material and color. Solid colored on the desktop, clears in the cubbies, plastics on top.

As you may have guessed, I’m kinda weird.


I do all of those and it usually only lasts a day or two before they get all randomized again lol


The striped axle guy sits in the way back watching everyone else have fun (RIP echo 2 :cry:) and they generally just move from pile to pile around on the yoyo half of my desk but one day I’m sure I’ll need a better system lol

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I organize by color, brand, and play style lol. 2/3 of my collection is color coordinated by playstyle and brand lol.

The two shelves on the left are organized in rows by color and play (2 responsive on the outside, 1 responsive in the middle). The right shelf is organized by color and model (freehand/butterfly)


The yoyos I like most go on the display shelf, the others in the drawer. The shelf yoyos are color coordinated
Not organizing stuff is a nightmare


By maker, then date purchased.


I try to organize by brand but I have a lot of one offs, I’ve been considering swapping to color for a bit now…


I carry one responsive and one unresponsive at a time to match my mood (or outfit) so the rest sit on a nice 70’s ceder catch all tray in my bedroom


Mainly I just separate responsive, unresponsive and collectible.


I have 2 cases (one if basically empty) and I put the ones I do not use frequently or the quite old ones there, on my desk I keep a 6 piece case where I have my daily rotation, do not care about colours and brands lol


I have two large (24) cases. One upstairs; one in my office. The one upstairs has my “keepers”. The one downstairs has the yo-yo’s vying to be promoted to the upstairs “keeper” case. The competition is intense… :wink:


My wife did something I didn’t expect and said I could mount a small display of yo-yos on the wall in the guest room / office. Generally we keep that room pretty bland for the in-laws to visit and work stuff but I’ve been talking about doing some sort of shelf or display and she said yes.

So now. I have no idea where to get something that displays a yo-yo nicely. I know Michael’s used to have these square things I would use for Star Trek memorabilia back in the day but I don’t see those snd passed those onto my brother for his pop collection.

Anything cheap that can display a fair number of yo-yos y’all using or diy ing?

For context of current storage my yo-yos are legit in boxes or bags at the moment. The nice ones may have a bag or disk around them…

I did finally sort my yo-yos mostly by play style so I can open a Box and find a yo-yo that fits a mood a bit easier. My wife thinks I have around 50 yo-yos I haven’t corrected her yet but I’m pretty sure I’m nearing 150 at this point with so many of them being undersized. I only plan to display a select group of usually played yo-yos. Which would still be like 30…


All of them lie on a little corner I emptied for them on my bookshelf. I dont really put in a lot of effort into organising.