How do you make a yoyo quieter?

Is there any way to make a yoyo quieter without affecting its response and such? I love my DM but its really loud right now. What can i do?

not really lube might make it a bit quieter but you would have to put in alot to make it substantilay quieter which would make it responsive

Buy a KonnKave bearing makes it makes it quiet. But responsive, so, I don’t know.

i konkave makes it super unresponsive if you buy a ceramic konkave it will be really quiet


Or a fixed axle, those are really quiet ;D

thin lube

Cute, but wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

KK bearings are really quiet. I have a regular KK and love it. I have heard bad things about the Ceramic KK. But my regular KK is really quiet, spins forever, and is just awesome. And sometimes a KK will make the yoyo a tad more unresponcive, not the other way around.

~James Reed!