Noisy konkave bearing


I got a KonKave bearing, and it makes a ton of noise when I play with it. Do I have to break it in? If so, how long should it take?


Adding a tiny bit of lube should lower the noise


Clean it then lube it.


No way a noisy bearing thread. Thought I had seen everything.


cmon man, no need to be a jerk. in the time it took you to type that out, you could’ve actually typed something helpful. :wink:

anyways, if the bearing is loud, its more then likely dirty. even if you just got the bearing new, it just take a little dust or some loose string strands to make a once quiet bearing screeching loud. just do a search for how to clean a bearing and go from there. plus, after cleaning and drying it, I would test the bearing in the yoyo to check the noise. if the noise persists slightly, add a pin needle tip worth of lube to the bearing and that should solve the problem.

let us know how it goes and come back if you need more help. :slight_smile:


hi guys…

I have the same problems too
i have 10-ball concave bearing, and its very noisy

so i took it out for cleaning,
i lube it with half drop of oil…

but its still noisy

only if i put a lot of oil, it will be less noisy
but that will make my yoyo super responsive… :frowning:


Not all bearings can be silent. If you tried cleaning and lubing the bearing, but doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do about it. :frowning:


time to buy some Monkeyfinger gorillus lurbricus.
it made one of my bearings for my ape x not so loud
its pretty quiet