concave bearing noise

Bought a concave C bearing last year for my yyj and yyf yo yos.
Since the 1st day to the present it still very noise.
I have cleanede it in mineral spirits , oiled it, ran it dry,spins great, but no luck.
Did I get a bad bearing?? are all concaves loud .?
Using it in the Hitman, will experiment with other bearings.

Probably not.

  1. Use the search function, it seems like this type of post gets made every week.
  2. No you did not get a bad bearing, some bearings are loud. As long as it has good spin time its fine.
  3. Just put a minuscule amount of lube and let it break in. Don’t just put lube in and then throw it once, you have to let it break in, which takes some time.