konkave question..


has anyone ever had a konkave that has suddenly become noisy???this is a reoccuring problem for me…i think it may be because its gettin dry but not for sure…sometimes it goes away on its own but sometimes it doesnt…then i have to lube it…it is steel not ceramic…

next question…i have read a little bit that it may be risky to clean ceramic konkaves is this true or is it ok to clean one …i have mineral spirits can i use that…thanx


The bearing may be on its way out.

You can clean any bearing you want. you won’t hurt it.


the konkave that is noisy is only about a month old…i also have 2 others but they have never done this…they have got a l;il noisy but only for a lil while…is it possible that i just got a bad one…i just cleaned it yesterday put it back in still noisy…so i wondered if it was the hubstacks so i took those off and it was still noisy…maybe ill try and switch to one of my other kk to see if it is any better…


Clean it.

(screamo) #5

yoyospirit he just cleaned the bearing


did you try to lube it? use yoyojam thin oil or you can use trumpet valve oil.


i had a steel concave and they become noisy when their not lubed and its just grinding metal on metal or it might be so worndown that its ruined…