Dif-E-YO concave ceramic size C

    Just got my Dif-E-YO ceramic bearing I must say Im in love with it. Only question is the sound. It makes I would say almost a grinding sound, and I know with bearings grinding cant be good. Im hoping someone will come forth and say that what Im hearing is normal for a ceramic bearing..


idk if it is but maybe u can try to use thin lube

never clean a ceramic bearing! you can ruin it. that sound should be normal. i have the same bearing and it sound like that also. kinda sounds like a skateboard wheel spinning.

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your wrong you can clean i ceramic and ceramics are a waste of moey imo.

there a waiste of money to you because you clean them

no i dont even have one and imo there better cleaned and also imo regular kk’s are just as good and imo flat bearings are better

I got the same bearing. The Dif-E-Yo Ceramic size c konkave bearing and it was a rip. It came super responsive and it’s long broken in. Still super responsive. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have four ceramic kks and they do outperform any other bearing I have tried. And I clean them never lubed them run them shieldless and just clean them every now and again.

Yes I applied thin lube when I first got it its completely unresponsive just makes a weird sound

You should get a ceramic Terrapin they spin forever, keep the string centerd without bunching and never need lube

I as I should say, got lucky with my Ceramic KK. Only had to lube it once and I have had it for a year and 2 months about now. It’s dead unresponsive, great thing IMO for $30.

But for the question, bearings can tend to be noisy, if its unresponsive your fine. If it’s responsive try lubing it, and if that doesn’t work try cleaning. If worst come to worst I would contact Dif-e-yo or the store you bought it from.

If its broken in how is it responsive?

You CAN clean ceramic bearings, anybody who says otherwise simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

As for the ‘grinding’ sound… if it’s a whining sound that’s bad, if it’s just kinda loud and rattles a bit, that’s fine. A whine means something is caught in it and it’s sliding instead of rolling most likely… a loud rattle means it’s a bearing and doesn’t have much lubrication in it… they’re all that way when they’re fairly dry.

As for ceramics in general; no, they aren’t worth the money… but they do work well.


Thin lube?