Ceramic bearing suddenly slowed down

Does anyone know why a KonKave Ceramic bearing would suddenly slow down and become responsive? (it’s not a problem with the yoyo, I tested the bearing on a pencil and it was slow) The bearing is not dented, and the bearing slowed down during a simple Matrix…

make sure everything is lined up inside…something could jumped off a track inside or mabey something got inside of it.

Clean it, lube it, and play it.

So it’s safe to open up a ceramic konkave? Someone told me it wasn’t…

wash it and lube it with thin lube. also the resonse system may be stuck in the bearing.

it’ll be best to wash it a bit longer.

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So I opened the bearing up to see what the problem was. Turns out one of the balls broke in half (I can’t find the other half, though). Kind of ticks me off, seeing as I only bought the bearing four months ago…

I bet if you email Frank, he will help you out. He’s a real stand up kinda guy.

well… Yet another reason why there is nothing special about a ceramic bearing. They all work the same as regular bearings :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Preinfalk

They may have problems, but that ceramic bearing definitely spun longer and faster than any steel bearing I’ve used.

Sorry to disagree but in my opinion, myself owning a YYJ, a center trak, a KK and a ceramic KK, the ceramic beats them all hands down. The trick is to clean and lube properly as per Dif-e-yo instructions.