KK ceramic bearing got responsive

I got a ceramic difeyo bearing about 2 months ago. It got responsive once, but was easily fixed by using compressed air. Then it got responsive again and I can’t get rid of the responsiveness. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Clean it.


Clean it out really good, blow it out really good.

Clean it with what? I heard that cleaning ceramic bearings with acetone, paint thinner, etc. is bad for the ceramic balls.

That’s wrong. Ceramic is actually more chemical resistant than steel.

Correct. Also, the ceramic is supposed to have less friction than the steel.

I’m pretty sure whatever IJF was reading contained some wrong information or was postings by people that left out steps or details.

Yeah, just clean it out with mineral spirits or lighter fluid. If you don’t know how to clean a bearing, Samad has a guide.

For the zillionth time(so it seems): The yoyo bearing cleaning video:


Acetone is the best cleaning solvent for ceramic/hybrid bearings.

If you put lube on it that’s probably the reason it got responsive, if not then get some YYJ shims.

Maybe see what the expert has to say about it…



I tried cleaning it with acetone and more compressed air. It is still responsive. ??? Please let me know any more suggestions.

Did you clean it with pure acetone? Or plain nail polish remover?

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I used pure acetone.

Does it feel smooth when you turn it slowly? Maybe there’s some grit lodged(?)

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I had a bearing turn responsive a while back because I was a little tough getting it out, turned out there was a slight bend.

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It doesn’t feel very smooth when I turn it slowly and I have only been using it in my K.L.R Which has a loose bearing seat.

Does it feel gritty? Or more like a softer bump that happens in the same place as you turn it?

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It is gritty.

Means there’s some grit in there. If you still have the shields on, take them off again and find some compressed air or a computer duster. Then what you’re gonna want to do is put the bearing on something you can spin it on (like a paint brush handle or a pencil) and blow air through it. It should knock out the remaining grit.