Responsive Ceramic KK Bearing

Hi all !
Just got my new ceramic kk bearing .
Unfortunately, my bearing came super responsive for some reason.
I really don’t know what to do .
Should I clean a ceramic bearing ?
Please help !


You just have to break it in. Play it a lot and it will get unresponsive. Hope it helped!

dose it spin when u flick it?

Yeah… my friend had this problem. He said he put thin lube on it, and it played amazing after that.

There aren’t many chemicals that will affect Ceramics. You can clean it, throw it in gasoline (don’t really do that), mineral spirits and a ton of other stuff. But a smal amount of lube is all it should need. I don’t listen to people that say you shouldn’t clean them I have cleaned and lubed a full ceramic and it’s butta!

Ya like he said…I clean my ceramic kk all the time with no problems at all. I leave mine deshielded. It seems to spin more freely without the shields. Use a very light lube and work that bearing in. you should be fine.

Thanks you guys !
By the way , when I flick it with my finger it doesn’t
spin that much (5 seconds or so ) but I haven’t played
with it that much so…
Also , does anyone have a few tips on how to remove a kk bearing’s c-clips
because I just can’t deshield it .

Thanks again !


I heard that cleaning them are kinda bad… Anyway, use a can of some compressed air, you know the stuff to clean out keyboards? Deshield the bearing and blow all the old lube out. Then put a little thin lube in it.

Cleaning a ceramic bearing will not damage it. Just remember to dry it out. Also, I would first wait for about 5-7 days of play and see if it is still responsive. If so, then clean the bearing.