dif-e-yo KonKave ceramic bearing cleaning...?

So a couple days ago I bought two dif-e-yo KK ceramic bearings for my DV888 and 888x yoyos and they are great. Super smooth. Anyways, in my experience bearings need to be cleaned once every month or few weeks, Usually I use lighter fluid with my normal YYF, YYJ, and my center trac bearings, and i have been for a while now, and as far as I can see it causes no ill effects, I have been criticized for it but it works fine for me. So naturally I was wondering if I could do the same with the KK ceramics. The only reason I’m asking is because lighter fluid is obviously a corrosive substance and I don’t know if it would harm the ceramic and corrode it. Is this possible? And if it is what should I use instead?? And also which part of the bearing is actually ceramic? I don’t know cause havent taken them apart yet And advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks everyone

The balls of the bearing is ceramic. That’s why it tends to spin differently.

If your bearings are spinning fine no need to clean them. anyway

Yes the balls are the only ceramic part of the bearing and if you open it you will only be able to see them a little because of the inner shields of the bearing.

as for cleaning… I have heard you can clean them and also that it will ruin them.

Truthfully in my opinion I would not clean them at all if there was any chance of ruining them. I mean it is a $30 bearing. :-\ I almost never clean my bearings anymore and I use compressed air or a really strong air pump I found.

If you think about it you clean them to get gunk out. why not blow it out instead? ???

as for lighterfulid in particular, I know somebody will tell me I am wrong whatever I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 3 ceramic KKs and I wish I had one for all of my throws. Good luck whatever you decide to do.


you can clean them

The ceramic balls are more corrosion resistant than the steel races. Clean them how you clean every other bearing.

What sort of dust filled environment are you yo-yoing in to need to clean your bearings once a month?

I have a dog and a cat and I have to blow clean them like every week.

There have been times I wished for hairless pets :stuck_out_tongue: lol

You can clean them, this is exactly what I get for my DV888, If fact, when I first get it. I have to do clean mine. I think they put the wrong lub in it. I mean seriously, can you believe a DV888 being a responsive Yo-Yo? well, in some sense it is kind of awesome, but that is how my ceramic bear acting when it first arrive. after cleaning it, and put the “right” lub on. It works super smooth, and until now, I didn’t notice any problem.


I live on the Oregon coast and its.pretty dusty around here: also I have cats and dogs. I just find that they stay at optimum spin times when I clean them that regularly