ceramic kk?

ok i got a new dv888 and a ceramic kk and my dv is great. i wanna put the kk on my dv but its responsive so im keepin it on my dm. how can i clean it good without usin like mineral spirits cuz i dont wanna ruin it. (i really really want it on my dv and everybody just says break it in but that takes forever!)

It is perfectly fine to clean it with mineral spirits. It is also fine and advisable to just break it in. You could also use the paper trick to clean out some of the oil too.

its probly responseve cause your k pads arnt worn down any

Ceramics aren’t responcive it’s just the Dark Magic, ceramic kk bearings spin for an insanly long time and are very unresponcive, if yours isn’t just lube it…If that slows it down take off the shields and clean it, use mineral spirit, or lighter fluid most anything else screws with the bearing

brake cleanier works fine


Not true. The bearing is what causes a yoyo to be responsive or not. I’ve had a FHZ with both stock duncan stickers on it that were new and it was totally unresponsive.

I’ve had then be responsive and unresponsive. It all depends on the bearing.
Also is this bearing a full ceramic or just with the ceramic balls. If it’s just the balls then it a good one IMO. Full ceramics just seem to be an overpriced toilet.