KROWN kk BBearing

Hi :slight_smile: ! someone know if the KonKave bearing that is in in the c3 Krown is already cleaned or shoud i clean it again? …i got it since yesterday and i don’t really want to open it ;D
…it doesn’t make a loud noise when i use it (and i love noisy bearings ahahahah) :smiley:

If you want noise, throw a Centre Trac in there. =P

I like the quiet bearing in the Krown personally, it goes well with it’s smooth, cloud-like play.

ahahahhaha that’s what i don’t like ;D
in my opinion a noisy bearing spins more powerfully, and a well cleaned bearing is noisy :slight_smile:
maybe there is some lube in the kk??

Just break it in awhile. Otherwise, add some terrapin dry lube for a nice long spin and a little “hiss” sound. Adding more lube will degenerate the spin power.

I’ve just opened the yoyo and… the bearing spins perfectly! Fast, loooOOooong, silent spin!
There were some tiny pieces of string in the bearing seat, maybe these slowed the yoyo… anyway no cleaning needed as it is already perfect :smiley: