CKK help

Ok so I got a Ceramic KK at worlds and I just cleaned it. It plays perfectly fine but tis a little loud and someone said I should put less lube than usual on it but I put the normal amount of lube I always put on a normal bearing and its still a little noisy. Should I play with it for a while or should I add more lube?

you might want ot add a little bit more lube

KKs in general are noisy. It’s just how they are.

Ceramic KonKaves should be pretty quiet.

Add some more lube, see what happens.

Just read this over at YoYoGuy…

ATTENTION Due to things Frank cannot control these CERAMIC C Bearings have light oil in them. As you may or may not know you should not clean these CERAMIC Bearings and it is a good idea to blow the oil out of the bearing with compressed air. Thanks!

yes but on the dif-e-yo website he does say its ok to clean the ceramics.

My friend put a KK on his 888, it is dead silent. And responsive, LOL.

Try my Legacy next time you see me (if you do.)

Spins about 20 seconds with a flick, but very quiet.

Next contest I am going to is Nationals (maybe), and BLC next year. Those are probably the next times I could see you. Your Legacy sounds really good.

So I just put in 2 more needle drops and a whole drop inside and its still a bit noisy :(.

It soesn’t ned to be 100% quiet you know…

I prefer a bit of noise actually, as long as its unresponsive it should be ok.

Off topic: You’ve bought it in worlds right?, so is it also 30$?

More spin=more sound

Just live with it.

That’s funny. I have a Koncave and I just played it like 5 minutes ago. You would have to bring it up next to your ear to hear the sound of the wind moving because the bearing is so quiet. Just pointing it out that Koncaves don’t have to be noisy. :wink: