should I clean a new kk bearing?

Im going to get a kk bearing (non-ceramic) for my 888, and I was just wanted to know if I should clean it or not. Thanks

If you have patience: Break it in.
If you don’t have patience: Clean it.

That’s as simple as it gets.

I think KKs come already cleaned.

I say you shoulda gotten a 10ball but thats my prefference. I think cleaning it and playing it dry is best for bearings cuz it will give them verrryy long spin times.

Even if they do, they still have tons of lube or something in there. I cleaned a new one, and it made a big difference.

Who did you order your KK from?


Wow. Maybe a fluke in the lubing process at the factory?

Doubt it. One of my friend’s KK’s came like that too.

Oh, well I myself had a problem with my KK but it wasn’t so minor. lol

Back on topic, I would say just play with it. It’ll play well enough at first and then it’ll play great once it’s broken in. If you do clean it, put no more than a drop of lube in it to help keep the bearing lasting longer.

It doesn’t matter how much lube he puts in. The extra lube will work out during play.