new kk

i just ordered a metal kk
i looked through all the threads and i couldnt find an answer so

is it better or does it need to be cleaned and lubed when you get it or should i just break it in?

it took me abt 2 weeks of a few hours of yoyoing a day to break into my kk, i think u should clean and lube it.

It comes cleaned- DONT MESS WITH IT-

put some thin lube on it when you get it but it does need breaking in

i don’t know how it came, but i cleaned and lubed mine after i noticed that it didn’t sleep as well as my legacy and now it is great.

I suggest to just break it in. It will be better in the long run that way. However, if you break down and just decide to clean it, just do so, because it plays great after being cleaned and lubed as well.

Have Fun Throwing,

but dont clean it stock- it comes clean!

Really? Are you sure? I did not know that…

Yea, I thought so- :o :o- or is that sarcasm? I cant tell over the internet…

Honestly I ordered 4 of them about a week ago from and in my opinion they definitely do need to be cleaned, thin lubed, and broken in. That may be just the 4 I ordered but just letting you know because some replies on this topic are mixed thoughts and possibly may not be facts. I think that seeing small amounts of a thicker lubricant in the tiny ziplock bags they individually came in showed signs of a necessary process to make them as good as they can be, which in my opinion is cleaning them, lubricating them with a thin base lube, and breaking them in.

Oh, this is where i saw it


In my experiences, leaving them alone tends to be the best idea.

Take it out when you first get it, throw it for about an hour, then hit it with ONE drop of YYJ thin.

I’ve done quite a bit with these bearings, and this would be the advice I’d give you.

Also, I’ve found there is no better way to have a KK develop a rattle or hiccup than cleaning it. Take this how you will.

thanks i think im gunna try to just break it in and lube it if necessary

but has anyone cleaned it before? and was it ok afterwards?

As I mentioned, I’ve cleaned them more times than I can count at this point. It has never turned out to be a good idea. Yeah, they still play alright, just nowhere near as nice as they did fresh out of the bag. I’ve never found this to be the case with any other bearings. Something to think about.

Edit: Should you decide to clean a KK, do yourself a favor and just leave the shields off for the remainder of the bearing’s life. You’ll be cleaning it quite often trying to get it back the way it was before it’s bath. :wink:

haha ok thanks doc i think im gunna leave it alone :wink: