Cleaning a KK bearing

I just put a KK in my Dark Magic and its very responsive. I think tried it with spacers and it was slipping some binds. I was wondering if I should just break it in, clean it and lube it, or just lube it. Thanks.

Just break it in.

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ok, thats what im doing. i also replaced the string and its a bit better.

Firstly as mrcnja said just break in the bearing especially if you only just got it, give a week or two to break in then give it a drop of thin lube an it should be spinning like a champ, my kk free spins for about 20 secs when I flick it with my finger.
Secondly always remember to take out the bearing shields when using spacers this reduces the contact of the spacers on the bearing thus increasing spin time while the yoyo is assembled.

do I have to take out the shields, im kinda scared messing with it. anyway in a couple days ill lube it, thanks.

No, you don’t have to take the shields off to break it in. You don’t really need to lube it to break it in either.