need help

all of the sudden my kk has gone really noisy!
i cleaned it out, blowdried it, then put the slightest bit of lube
in it, but its still really noisy!!!
is there any way to silence a kk?

how long have u had the kk mabey it has just finally worn in?
or it has worn out

Yeah, my KKs are quiet for a few days and then really loud for the next few days. It won’t harm the bearing, but if you are looking for a quiet yoyo, I don’t know what to say…

Use more lube.

There you go ^^ Just throw a bit more in (incrementally add tiny bits until it plays just right AND quietly). It might become responsive/snaggy for a bit, but it will be fine after a few hours of play.

use more loob or mabe that just what the bearing just like that

I put lube on my kk and then it became loud, it works just fine.

Same, my wide sport runs on a kk and its fairly loud even with thin lube on it. I don’t think there’s a problem with it, but i could be wrong.