KK bearing

I was looking to get a KK bearing for a couple of my yoyos. My question is this, will this decrease the smoothness at all? Or make them especially loud?


The short answer is “No.”

A kk is as smooth as any bearing. The sound of a bearing depends on if you lube it or not. Dry bearings make noise, lubed ones generally don’t.

jhb is right and also, just search for kk bearing in the forums…there are tons of the same type of topics as this one. I just wish that people would use the search button more.

Also, the shape and how the bearing seats can affect how noisy a bearing can be. The bell-like shape of some yoyos can actually amplify the sound a bit.

I find most yoyos are fairly quiet these days. I have enough to compare with. If ym DM2 had both caps tight, it would be almost silent. All my CLYW’s are dead silent. My 54 and MMN needs to have a 10-ball in there(the guys sold them to me with a YYF bearing installed), but my Code ONE is silent. my Protostar is a bit noisy.

I have a KK bearing. Maybe I should use it in something.

thanks everyone…I think I am going to get one to try