KK review

I dont know if i should be on this forum, or even why i am doing this. I just cant find any other KK review. If someone else could post a 10 ball review, then i would be happy.
A KK, or konkave, bearing is a bearing that is curved slightly inward, so it doesn,t hit the response system. When that happens, you can get longer sleep times, and deathly silence. I have a size C kk bearing. It went on my marmot. They come in ceramic, and regular metal. I have the metal.
The first thing that i noticed when i threw this was that it was silent. I was in the kitchen with a small fan on low, and I didn’t even hear it. I had to check if it was spinning at the end of the string. Another thing that I noticed was how smooth it is. It is like a knife on fire, cutting through butter… in a fire. Very smooth. My previous bearing (stock cylw) was responsive when I tried to do grinds. It came caught about a third of the time, and made my knuckled bleed once, or twice. With the kk it is unresponsive, but has snappy binds. Another thing that is nice, is that you can have many layers of string in the gap, without taking away from the play.
I guess that’s it. Much harder to write a bearing review.
P.S. The KK might not be right for you. In my marmot, it was perfect.

my kk was exremely loud. i think ive read that they arent that quiet. anyways its a good of a review

mine is almost inaudible(fancy word for cant hear)

In my experience, they’ve played extremely quiet for a period of 1-2 weeks, and then they really start to break in, and become louder than nearly any other bearing I’ve played.

Yup, that’s exactly what i found on my Wide Sport. After cleaning the bearing and everything (leaving the shields off) the throw was much louder than before. Put some thick lube in it though and its silent. :slight_smile:

yeah run it dry and it screams. throw some thin ad it growls

Haha. That’s the best explanation I think I’ve ever heard. ;D

I shall post ten ball review.

The KK bearing was very smooth and quiet for about 1-2 weeks also. When it got worm in it did get very loud. I cleaned and lubed and it sort of got a little smoother and what not. Then again it got very loud again, but still very smooth.


I used to like kk’s they worked good with old responce pads and O rings. Now I use terrapins

I’m sorry, but i used my kk for about two months, and it is still quiet.

How many hours have you used it?

Dude, I’m sure if he only used it for 15 minutes a day for those two months, it is broken in.

I put a drop of thin lube in mine the other day, and it stayed very quiet. But then I decided I didn’t like it quiet, so I broke it in, and only keep a small amount of lube in mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would a KK make it harder to bind? Im buying my first Metal this week, im in the advanced2 section of the guides, im a little worried about the bind only yo-yo’s even thought i do know how to bind.

dont worry it’ll come back, they always come back.

im getting a kk bearing for my rec rev no. 9 cause its really unforgiving on a bad throw, but its also been getting kinda responsive even though I broke it in. is this the bearing or the response pad?