🎧 How do you like your cans?

And by cans, I mean headphones. Like these.

Currently I’m rocking the HiFiMan HE-4xx on a daily basis, although I’ll switch out with the Sennheiser HD-58x once in a while.

I’m a fan of over ear cans with generally balanced and detailed sound. I am one of those guys that laments the loss of headphone jacks in phones since everything in the picture above still has a cable attached to it… Although there might be some Bluetooth ANC headphones in my future.

Naturally, there’s an Audio Testing playlist on Spotify with my name on it. Some have great soundstage, some have great recording quality, some are just pure fun.

What about you? What cans are currently on your head? Do you use a DAC or an amplifier to keep those giant ear speakers happy on your head? What musical tracks do you go back to when you get a new pair of headphones? :fire: :headphones: :fire:


I listen to Keb Moe. Also for your mobile experience may I suggest the app Tidal. Its amazing. Currently I still use my old DJ cans from Denon. They are a little more bass heavy, but for what they are used for it’s great. I’d love to have a pair of open air Grado GS3000e :drooling_face:

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Never liked Grados, I’ve had a couple pairs and just can’t get into the sound. Currently use a set of vmoda crossfade m100s with the XL ear pads. Not the fanciest, but they seem to have a sound that fits nicely with the music I listen to and the sources that it comes from.

I will say the best headphone purchase I’ve made recently is a set of Sony wh-1000xm3’s. The sound may not be super high end. But it’s surprisingly good and the noise canceling is outstanding.


i do a lot of music production, so i always have my ATH-M40X’s on hand.


Had a pair of those a while back! Great closed cans and oddly way more comfortable for me than the ATH-M50x’s.

@photogeek Oooh, I’ve heard good about those Sonys. I’m waiting on a pair of Sony H900Ns to arrive as I found a very good deal, but I’d love to try a pair of the 1000xm3 one day. Never had a pair of ANC cans before so it’ll be interesting!

@Saber I’ve tried Tidal but my ears can’t tell the difference between it and Spotify Premium. :cry: Haven’t tried any Denons yet but I keep hearing about them from various parts of the Internet. Maybe one day!

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Grados tend to be extremely flat without a lot of power behind them and almost dead sounding you almost have to have an external amplifier to really appreciate them

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Firm yet supple


I have a pair of dt770s I love them. I dyed the pads teal a couple years ago.


I run through a little bit of everything. Country, metal, electronic, classical, Enya. A bunch of stuff. I’ve had a BUNCH but the ones that stick around are my V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2. Excellent wireless sound plus I can still wire them (albeit with that stupid dongle). My current bucket list pieces are the Bowers and Wilkins P7 wireless and my grail cans… Sennheiser HD800’s. I’ll admit though, I had fun with the Sony extra bass. Not the best sound but that bass function is just plain fun.


I’ve been rocking my AGK K702s for nearly a year. They don’t disappoint! I even master my music on them!


Same, but I’ve had them (AKG K702) for quite a lot longer. Im on my 3rd pair of pads (and 4th cable because I keep running them over with my chair) and may even need to get another soon.

Im trying my hardest not to get too into the rabbit hole that is expensive cans, but I usually at least DAC+amp them. After upgrading my IEMs to a pair of Etymotic ER4XS for use on the go, ive been wanting to eventually get something in the ~$500+ range, but ive successfully held off since my AKGs still sound quite nice to my ears. Ive done some research and even lurk quite a bit on head-fi, but I think id be perfectly content with a tried and true can like the Sennheiser HD650s.

I have a pair of Sennheiser 555s and PX 100-IIs. Use them both on my ipod. The 555s are pretty much dedicated to my amplifier. The TV also runs thru the stereo. The PX 100s are used on my computer as well. No DAC (not needed).

My listening tastes are fairly eclectic, from blue grass, legacy country, new age to classical. Use youtube thru the TV a lot, mostly extended relaxing/meditation music.


Never tried the 555s but I’ve got an old pair of PX-100s, the first version! Sennheiser makes great stuff.

What kind of amp are you using?

Most of the time I wear a cap so I use IEM’s out and about, but I have some AKG K240 Studios for PC use. Great set of phones they are. Go to IEM’s are KZ AS10’s. Love 'em.

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I’ve always wanted to like IEMS, but my ears hate them. I use a pair of HD600s at my computer and a pair of PXC 550s for out and about. Both great.

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The only way to get ones that will are to get custom ones molded of your ears. Best fit ever

I’ve had those too. They all hurt after about 20 mins. No good. Gotta stick to over ears

Wow man that’s odd but you can’t beat a 60mm driver

I also drive a pair of Klipsch KG-2s with it SOLID little amp.

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Run it thru my stereo amp - an older NAD 3020 that still cranks it out good. Have an NAD 320BEE in the other area of the house.