Any Audiophile with Mid-end to High-end headphone rig here? :)

I was just wondering, are here more audiophiles with mid-end to high-end rigs here?

I personally started with decent Sennheiser HD555, moved to AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD650, but now I’m extremly happy with JH Audio JH-3A and JH16.

I work as headphone reviewer for biggest czech Hi-fi site, so I was lucky to try most High-end headphones on market - Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T1, T5, Audeze LCD2, Stax 404, 507, 007, Ultrasone Edition 8 and 10.

What is your experience?

Not really an audiophile here, but i do love music . I recently bought a pair of bose OE2’s. They are nice enough for me.

Right now I only have my sennheiser HD518. I envy your job though, if I was paid to listen to the best headphones in the world I would be in heaven.

How are those JH Audio headphones. I have been told they are crazy nice…

I started a few years back with the Sony SA-1000 and Grado SR-60 and I traded up to some Grado SR-325i (goldies) and love them, a big fan of forward sound presentation, almost total opposite to the Senn HD650.

I have a pair of old Audio-Technica ATH-2 that were modded and it was a good introduction to orthodynamic sound, wish more of these types of headphones were readily available now with the proper damping.

Gizzyo: I heard some of best what can headphones offer and I still think JH-3A with JH-16 is in TOP 5 of all time. SOmething like high-end Stax system can sound better, but in that case you are in prices around 5-8K$.

Illy: Personally not fan of Grado headphones, for me they are too agressive and colored. Also I always disliked HD650, I had them for short period of time, but never found them to my preferences. Too relaxed and laidback.

I have a pair of Sennheiser HD555s that work just fine for me. They are the first open set I’ve had and took a little getting used to being able to hear sound originating outside of the headphone.

I wish I had the cash to be an audiophile. But my sony mdr xb700s are just about the most I have to spend on headphones.
I’ve tried the hd650s and 555s though, and they were fantastic.

I’ve had my Grado sr80s for around 4 years and I think they’re great.
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