Headphone buying help

So my skullcandy ink’d headphones just broke. I loved them but I must’ve blasted my music too loud cuz the speakers r busted now.

What in ear headphones would you suggest ? I’m looking for a good cheaper option like the inkd and a good more expensive option around $80ish just to give me options.

Audio Technica or Sennheiser have pretty good headphones for a good price.

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Check it out…

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If your willing to spend the money you can get v-moda crossfade LP’s for 115 on amazon I have a pair they are soooo good they are incredibly durable and the sound quality is better than beats by a mile and they are incredibly customizable you can buy custom shields with a design of choice or name in any color for 30 bucks you should so look into it if your willing to spend your money you will love them and they also have a lifetime warranty


Well there’s tgis place called “5 below” that sells these earphones that make sound into your ear.


I just don’t understand why people need 80$ earphones.

$80 is cheap. Once you experience a high quality audio source with a nice pair of headphones it’s hard to go back to cheap ones.


That’s how I felt going to my inkd.

I just want something a little more budget friendly with as good or better quality as what I had.

It’s not exactly hard to beat ink’ds… They’re crazy muddy, and all bass.

My brother has some good sol republic ear buds they were $40 but there really good for the price they got an awesome treble and base to them.

they were skullcandy ink’d sorry shouldve specified.

has anyone tried a ton of different types who can give me more advice?

If you like skullcandy go for the Titans. Same quality and great sound.
Did you already get them replaced. SKDY will send you a new pair if you send in the old ones.

I’ve only tried skullcandy, looking to broaden my horizons, and can you really??

found this extremely helpful thanks!

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Skullcandy is a fashion brand, not a headphone brand…


can’t tell if ur being serious or just bashing skullcandy lol, anyways ended up getting monoprice 8320

Read that they are the best cheap headphones on the market, and many people believe that.

I actually find their Hesh 2’s rather nice, especially for the price.

2 things,

  1. Look at a hifi discussion about good sounding $50+ headphones. Have fun finding one where skullcandies are mentioned in a good way.
  2. It isn’t hard to compete at the $12 headphone market. They all sound terrible. It also happens that all skullcandies sound the same (Cheap $15 headphones).

truth. I can’t stand skull candy.

Monster makes good earbuds… Jamz are excellent, Turbines are really good too. Or sennheiser ie8’s but I don’t think you want to pay that much.

In terms of value for money, Sennheiser HD202 is probably one of the better options.

they sound good enough for me lol Im not buying $50 headphones to take to school.