people with ipod touches come here and headphone questions


hey i guys im planning on getting a ipod touch 4th gen 8 gig and some skull candy over the er headphones cause i need to upgrade my music set up cause i got some cruddy over the ear head phones and a 2nd gen ipod nano so yea im gonna post the links to the ipod and head phones and tell me what you think or give some advice*+MP3+Player+(4th+Generation+-+Latest+Model)+-+Black/9225377.p?id=1218062715447&skuId=9225377 now headphones


I would personally get heshes. They look better and skullcandys tend to have the same great sound quality overall.

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I wouldn’t bother with SkullCandys at all. Muddy bass, no mid, and tinny highs. Not to mention they break like nobody’s business.

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Get some cheap sony’s. Awesome quality and really durable.

Can’t go wrong with Sennheisers either. I work at a radio station and those are industry standard.


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This isn’t related to headphones, but honestly, if you can help it, don’t get the 8 gig. It runs out extremely fast. Try to go higher, or else you’re going to see yourself skimping on every little thing.





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Usin my Hesh right now, Skullcrushers are cool too though


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Try a pair of sennheisers, for $20, they’ll probably be better than skull candy. For $60, they are way better than skullcrushers.


Skullcandy is terrible. My girlfriend bought a pair because it was “pretty”. I tried em and they sounded like garbage. Stick with sony or even sennheiser. Heck even stock ipod earbuds are better than skullcandy.


JVC marshmallows are great…

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Skull candy ftw

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