Skullcandy Headphones

I have recently gotten beats and no longer have a need for my skullcandy Kobe hesh headphones. I will ship first as long as you have positive feedback.
Over-the-ear design
Provides a secure and comfortable fit.
Neodymium-iron-boron magnets
For sound reinforcement.
50mm drivers
Deliver deep bass and crystal-clear highs.
In-line volume control
Allows easy operation and adjustments.
Polyurethane and foam ear cushions
Offer comfort for extended use.

They are really nice and retail for around $60.00. I believe $50.00 shipped is a fair price to ask considering I have worn them at most a handful of times.
I use the yye app on my phone which doesn’t allow me to upload pics so just pm me with ur email and I will send u pics ASAP.