Hey guys, gotta question for those with experience.

I’m really suffering right now because I don’t have a good pair of over-the-ear headphones. My budget isn’t really all that much, so I’m looking for ones that are relatively cheap; < $80 preferred. They ABSOLUTELY need to be strong and durable, I don’t want Skullcandys! Good sound quality is preferred (duh), but I’m no audiophile.

I’ve been looking at these:


I like that they have a durable and long cable. The reviews I read were very favorable. They apparently have good quality, they don’t break, and they are a good price.

I’m really looking for your help, guys. I’m dying without any headphones. I’d prefer if you mention headphones that you’ve actually owned because it gives me a better idea on whether I can believe you or not. Mention Dre Beats and you get attacked. Not lying.


I’m not much of an audiophile myself, but I have a pair of WESC (WE are the Superlative Conspiracy) headphones and they’re great IMO. They’re around $30, so well within your price range. :slight_smile: As for the headphones you are looking at, I’ve never listened to anything thing in those, so I’m not much help there. Sorry.

Solos by dre are 180 but are the best headphones around

I will kill you

Looking for something a tad more serious, thanks though :wink:

EDIT: looking at these, too: http://www.amazon.com/HARMAN-K81DJ-Closed-Back-Folding-Headphone/dp/B000BDD56W

I’ve got a pair of these. They’re really nice. They’re open back type w/o noise canceling.


Sennheisers are high on my list right now :wink:

I highly suggest reading through some of the pages on this website. It’s definitely not a complete answer to your question, but Headroom does have some really good reviews and useful information.

I love my Skullcandy Skullcrushers! The bass is amazing.

And the best part is, I bought them on amazon for $40, while they’re worth $75!

Come with a lifetime warranty, so far, they’ve sent me three new pairs for FREE.
Bass is incredible, two subwoofers in each cup!
I can wear them for hours and my ears feel no Fatigue what so ever.
I have a two hour bus ride everyday, and can wear them and not even realize I’m wearing them!
Pretty light and come in various style.
Can fold out when you wear them on your neck to be speakers!

Need a single AA Battery to unlock it’s potential.
Breaks easily if not taken care of.

I really recommend them.
Skullcandy itself has sent me over $200 worth of items from the lifetime warranty.

Beats are overpriced for the quality. I dislike them ALOT. They’re only selling Dre’s name.

Doesn’t sound like a very reliable product.

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They actually are, its just I seen to be accident prone with them.

The first time I had snapped the band on the top because I didn’t know how to open it, the second time I had dropped it on the concrete and a little plastic part snapped off. There was no damage to the quality but I sent then in for a new pair. The third time, I had them hooked onto the arm of a chair, and my brother decided to run with the wire and pop the wire out of the Y solder.

All in all, it is a reliable product, it’s just that I’m incredibly clumsy.
Sorry for wording it wrong in the first post.


More Lol

Alright, for 80$? The Sennheiser HD555’s are amazing but you can’t take them out in any kind of weather besides sunny because they’re open back. Open back will generally get you better sound but it’s open back, so yeah. The Audio Technica’s will be perfect for you unless you’re a really big bass head, then go with some Sony XB-500’s. Also if you’re willing to save up a bit longer the Audio Technica M50’s are like indestructible and are a noticeable upgrade from the M40’s.

My work here is done.


Quote for truth.

The 428 and 438 are both closed-back models comparable to the 555.

Thanks for the help so far, guys. One more feature I’m looking for is either a really durable cable or the ability to replace the cable like the first one I linked in the OP.

Thanks so far guys!

I believe the Senn 555 has replaceable cables. And they seem durable to me. But the open back may not be to your liking.

I bought some Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220 and they ARE PERFECT. They are discontinued so they sell cheap instead of the 80$ they were new. They are a little hard to find though, I would check your nearest Best Buy

Looking for over-ear headphones :wink:

The replaceable cable will probably be the selling point for me, because that’s huge.

EDIT: I closed-mindedly whisked over the fact that the cable terminates to a 1/4 inch connection on the Audio-Technica one I linked before. I don’t want that. I think I am going to get these instead:


All the reviews I read say that they are great for the price, which is just what I need.

I would really consider a 1/4" termination of the cable to be a huge turn off. You can get a small adapter for a dollar or so.

Yes. I dumbly figured that it would be 3.5mm without bothering to look. I’m not interested in a 1/4" when I’m never going to use it. An adapter is just bulk and another thing to lose.

Also, my brother is in college for communications media, and he warned me that those 1/4" F to 1/8" M adapters that you see for cheap turn your audio to garbage, and that most of them don’t even work well at all. I’m gonna trust him and just get headphones made for 1/8" jacks.

Sennheiser PX 200 II? They have real good SQ, and they fold up nice… which is a bonus for me. Here’s a good site though. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/433318/shootout-69-portable-headphones-reviewed-bowers-wilkins-p5-sony-xb700-added-02-21

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THIS! Is pretty much the soul resource I used for finding new headphones to listen to. Seriously consider reading through it, it’s well worth your time.

Also those M35’s aren’t bad but you can get something better with the money you have, seriously look through that list.