HeadPhones/speakers for my computer.

So i need good reliable speakers or headphones. Big bulky headphones are okay because I am using them at the computer. Or I want cheap speakers that have like a headphone jack plugin and they do nnot need to be great just work and be fairly loud and really cheap. So any suggestions and i could buy used ones if you have some.

It does not sound like you are going for sound quality too much, so we can skip that part.

Really anything you find that fits the budget would work pretty well as far as what you are searching for.

I am not too well versed in the speaker area, but if you are looking into headphones, you can look at Sennheiser. They make some pretty good sounding stuff that definitely fits your budget. Does not have to be their flagship model either, you can try getting a studio/DJ pair for around $40 that will get the job done.

Do you mind in-ears? If not, there are quite a few IEM’s (In ear monitors a.k.a earbuds) that would work great, but IEM’s can easily stretch the budget by…well, a lot. :smiley:

All im finding on their website is 250 and up could you link me to a specific cheap one and thanks for the reply.


are those good

Anything from Skullcandy is going to be pretty mediocre.

If you want something “fairly loud” you’re gonna want a sub so… Check out Newegg?

was already at newegg so actual speakers is what i should get?

As far as the lower end Sennheisers go, you should look at the HD-201, the HD-202, and the HD-203. For what it’s worth, the radiostation my brother works at uses the HD-202. At a hair over twenty dollars they are pretty good headphones.

do they have great bass thats what i want

Like I said, get a sub :wink:

for a laptop?

Well if you have speakers you won’t be able to move around anyway so… Yeah I’d get a sub for sure.