I Need Help On Deciding What Pair of IEMs I Should Purchase.

So, I’ve come out of my lurking to ask for you fine people for advice. When it comes to headphones, I generally know what’s going on, but as for IEM’s (In Ear Monitors–earbuds), I’m a bit clueless. I need a new pair, preferably under $200, and would like to get a few recommendations. I’ve been looking at the ATH-CKS99’s–they come from a brand I find reliable, but there may be better options. I’d like a tangle free cord and In-line controls, but those aren’t 100% necessary.

Or, should I just replace my old M50’s with the new M50x’s? That blue is snazzy as heck… :slight_smile:

Check out the futuresonic atrio mg8s


Sennheisers of any sort are good

I’d check out some of audio technica’s stuff, They make really good stuff for pretty reasonable prices