How do you like the newly released Prestige?

Let’s hear it, I’m awaiting the arrival of mine. What do you guys think?!

It’s great. It can go any speed and just feels light enough to go fast but not out of control. It’s stable and good at horizontals, but it can hurt your hand on a hard return.

Its fun and has a nice flow. Not super stable, but still plays well

This is one of my favorites beautiful stable and enjoys a challenge by out playing its user.

It is tied for first with the Chik! As my absolute favorite. Ernie and his team put together something awesome in this one!

Love it. Possibly my new favourite yoyo. “Not super stable”? Compared to a Stealth Ogre or other “stability or die” tanks, maybe! But this thing is quite stable indeed, outclassing several other yoyos I own in that department.

If you got the blasted finish, grinds like crazy.

Right now this is the yoyo I have been throwing for days. Since I got it last week I have been very happy with the play. I have owned every General Yo and for me this is it. I LOVE the KLR & Majesty. I wanted to love the M10 but for some reason I just did not “gel” with it. This yoyo is awesome. I actually have thought about getting a 2nd (not something I usually do)

Right now I would say that the KLR is still my fav General Yo… But this thing with time could be better. I ended up selling my KLR (very bad move on my behalf) I do not plan on selling this guy…

I just got mine and I will say it is quite a joy to play with. I usually stick to CLYW but lately was interested in General Yo and G Squared. I got the “competition” grade and the silver ano flaw they speak of is minor at worst and I think looks fine. Its super smooth and responds much like a CLYW. My Barracuda in contrast has a much weaker response that I find lacking. I think my Cliff might be more stable but that is what that design was really going for i think. I can’t play in high speed or anything but I can definitely play as fast as I want with it. 1 cool thing with the impression in the center the way it is, it is the only yoyo I own that I can balance it on my finger without it spinning which I just think is awesome.

EDIT: realized that although i can’t do Horizontal yet that the fact that i can balance on the finger like that , it is probably awesome at it. Also don’t know if the finish has something to do with this or just the shape but it is retardidly forgiving in many situations.