How do you judge freestyles?


So I’m making this thread because it seems like the judging criteria for yoyo performances is too focused on speed and technicality. I myself look for how smooth and flowy a yoyo performance is. So that’s why I’m wanting to know. What do YOU look for in a yoyo performance?

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As far as I know, you can’t simply do very fast and difficult tricks alone and hope to get the highest score.

From the way you asked I assume you haven’t read this? pretty much explains what you need to know about judging:

edit: saw some other posts by you, it seems you already know.

Back to your question, I think it’s already covered in performance style although not explicitly. If we want to score smoothness or flow independently, I will say it’s rather difficult. For example Tylor McCallumor had somewhat robotic style, I won’t say it’s “smooth and flowy” per se, but it has flow in its own, and it’s already covered in cleanliness and rarity. It would be unfair to base smoothness like Guy Wright or Whip, then apply that criteria to someone else.


True, this is just about personal opinions though, I do enjoy watching those with a somewhat robotic style. I guess a further refined version of what I said is I look for yoyo and body control.


Ooh this is interesting. I personally feel that hitting tricks that are (at least) somewhat technical are what I would give most of the points on, speed not mattering toooo much. I’m personally more impressed and like to watch harder to land tricks at a slower pace and actually hitting them, than hard tricks at a fast pace but not hitting them as much. Guy wright proves that you don’t need to go fast to score well, as I just saw in his Cali State 2014 yoyo contest, placed 4th, and he was going pretty slow compared to other people who placed lower than him. I also think that actually moving around on the stage is pretty important, and not just staying in one place the whole time. Just my opinion. I know these things I have said above are things they get judged on, this is just what I like to look for in freestyles the most. Also innovation is something I look for as well, like things never before seen. Just my 2 cents.


^^ this is great, your opinion on how you judge freestyles is what I created this thread for