How do you guys make a video.

Like today I recorded some trick circle. And I did that for more then 30 minutes I mean I was hitting the tricks right. I thought I should record some extra tricks and then edit it to short clips for IG. And as I don’t use PC I edit these on my tab. Then I knew that the video is too big to be edited. That was 14 minutes.

Then I thought I’ll do one or 2 tricks only. Then as I was placing the camera on the table it wouldn’t focus. Now that was my story.

But the question is when you upload tricks on IG do you edit them or you keep trying till you hit it right on the camera.

And even if you guys can give me some tips for filming videos inside the house.

Since I post lots of trick progress on IG, I record until I nail the trick. I’ll use IG to trim it to just the trick I want.

For pc, not that I’ve done a ton of videos (yet), I just let the camera roll. Since I don’t have aa camera operator, I’ll just use my tripod. I actually did this for my contest video.