Recording Yourself


I’m pretty sure everyone gets a little nervous when they film themselves, but for me it’s like I never hit my tricks before. Also, when I do get my tricks spot on, the coolest part of my trick is outside of the camera’s shot.

I’m not a very good camera person, but it would sure help me (and others) if we had some video (performance and recording) tips.



ha! i know exactly what you mean. i think i’m going to attempt to just film for a longer period of time. that way i have time for my nerves to pass. then (obviously) edit later


Not for me I just ignore the camera until I’m done I turn it off and sometimes I forget


Do a few test runs to get the correct camera angle / frame.

Record a new video for every trick/combo. If your final video is going to have 10 combos in it, you should be starting with 10 raw videos. Edit down each video separately. A 30 second combo might have a 10 minute video if you missed a bunch, but you know that the last 30 seconds of that video will be the take you hit it.

That is what I do at least.


I just have fun…

The camera loves me.

Make sure you step away from the camera enough so that you can get your tricks on camera.


I use my iPhones front facing camera and I set it on a counter. That way I can see while I’m recording.


I usually do a few test runs with eli hops up, to the left and to the right to check the framing and see if the other settings are okay. As far as not hitting tricks goes, I usually film 2-4 minute unedited single shot videos. I find it gives me and other people a better idea of exactly where my skill level is at rather than only showing my very best.